A A R ♥ N (asyntactic) wrote in loversandsonnet,
A A R ♥ N


i wiwsh you would have told me what you did when you did it. something, triggered me to remeber, the guilt in your eyes, so long ago, when i knew you cheated on me. i remeberd you telling me when wee first started going out how because of what happened wit hyour family you would never cheat on me. well, you did and im absolutly certain of it. and , i bought you a ring so long ago , i was so ready to propose, and i remember that look in your eyes. you lied to me, blatently, righti n my face you told me nothing happened. well i knew the whole time but i kept quiet. i just want you to know that. and i want you to know that i actually totally bilieved you when you said you loved me. any ways, i just want you to know that it really hurt more when you just left without a care for me at all, and that you were able to kiss me in touch me as if you were in love with me when you were doing it with another guy. i just wanted you to know that you were my everythingand i hope someday it will be that way again but i know it wwont and im tireeed of living. ive never been in a relationship where i havent been cheated on, and youve helped me realize that love is not for me, thank you and goodbye.
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