A A R ♥ N (asyntactic) wrote in loversandsonnet,
A A R ♥ N


a bluprint of a thumbprint running rampant through a cybernetic timeframe of misplaced analogize. stamp backwards and allow time to scream in considerableerroneasnouse. live free and allowyou focus to divide it self into oblivian. born into senslessness a world so black and cold. black ice finds its way onto the highway of my life and i, unkowing of its danger, skid tearfully ASKEW. through this blade i see the reflection of the onewho wishes to cause harm. a spirit of evil with the radiance of red. my life source enshrouded by a rusty clingy plaque substance that makes it impossible to truly see. death is before me, the evil of my inside is all consuming. i dont want help, what has been bestowed upon me is my fault, and until i have violated every boundry and hurt everyone i know, it will not be happy. braindead
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