A A R ♥ N (asyntactic) wrote in loversandsonnet,
A A R ♥ N

at first sight

At first sight
She approached me with silk strewn wings.
Her arrival was a godsend, her appearance angelic.
As she closed distance with strides of graceful elegance a feeling awoke in me, a feeling I had believed in all my life but never truly experienced.
I knew from the feeling in my gut and the glaze in my eyes, I was in love.
As we crossed paths it was as if time itself had surrendered to the moment.
Turbulence ceased, pain forgotten, all my inhibitions were lifted. I was entrapped, gazing at an angel, and wishing nothing more than to be graced by her enrapturing presence. Enthralled and intrigued, I could not find it any me to look away, and the stare continued for what seemed like an eternity.
She passed me, and I was left with the flutter of a thousand red winged butterflies on spring migration. From that moment In I knew what I needed to do, I needed to make this lady mine, and be hers as well.
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